Personality: AFFABLE
Distinguishing Features: OTHERWORLDLY GAZE
Attainability: HURRY UP

When Americans think of British people, they think of them as looking and acting like Eddie Redmayne: refined, polite, articulate, beautifully spoken, and educated at Eton and then Cambridge University. Obviously, everyone knows that most Eton boys are massively cunty and no-one ever likes them (hiya Dave, hiya Boris, hiya Gideon), but Eddie here is different. Well, mainly I like him because he’s beautiful. I mean, he may well be very obnoxious. I’ve never met him though, so I’ll stick to the general perception in the media of Mr Redmayne, which is that of an intelligent and thoughtful young man with a prodigious acting talent and a star that is destined to rise. Look out for him as Marius (no Michael Ball, sob!) in the upcoming film adaptation of Les Miserables and enjoy his flawless complexion as much as his beautifully dulcet tones.

(For Scott Kershaw, photographer and appreciator of beauty xx)

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3 Responses to EDDIE REDMAYNE

  1. den says:

    You know boys who went to Eton !, Iv’e got a weird thing for Eton boys , a bit like my fetish for mormon boys , you should introduce us

  2. Vivienne Berryman says:

    He’s a bloody good actor, I will give you that. I saw him in RED at The Donmar. Excellent work Redmayne. (too gangly for me…and I’m irritated he models for Burberry)

  3. Mon says:

    I met him in person once… he was very nice and not pretentious at all… holding a supermarket plastic bag, going home… the perfect English gentlement…

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