Personality: WISECRACKIN’
Distinguishing Features: BILLY BLUE EYES
Attainability: DEAD

Obviously, starring in one of the best loved films ever will render you cinematically immortal, but to also be the focus of an intense childhood crush means that you are seared indelibly onto the retinas of an impressionable youth forever, dear Georgie. And when that youth grows up, they find it hard to escape the squirmy embarrassment that seeing your perfectly preppy visage still creates. And it’s embarrassing because it’s reminiscent of Saturday evenings spent nervously looking at our parents whenever you, George, come on screen for fear that they will be able to tell what’s racing through their child’s mind. Because what’s going through their child’s mind is BAD. And wrong. But your eyes were just so very blue, and your skin so very tanned. And those cigars were so very . . . phallic.

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2 Responses to GEORGE PEPPARD

  1. Vivienne Berryman says:

    I am not sure he aged well and I certainly didn’t fancy him in the A-Team, but this pic shows he was deffo a good looking man with a twinkle in his eye. And look at those lips!

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