Body: COR
Personality: RELAXED
Distinguishing Features: PROMISING UP & COMER
Attainability: SINGLE (HURRAH!)

OK, so regular readers will know that I have this thing about Boston boys (I grew up there as a small child and half my family live there – anyway, stop being fucking nosy. Get back to reading the thing about Chris Evans. GO. SERIOUSLY, GO NOW), but Evans is actually one of the best. He’s incredibly down to earth, comes from a family of hippy-ish academics who he loves to bits, and drinks beer from a can just like the rest of us (not me, I hate beer and also I’m not common). Obviously he’s built like a brick shithouse – which comes in handy when filling a skintight superhero suit – but he’s also a really, really cool guy. I’d like to hang out* with him.

(*have sex with)

(Bim, I dedicate this one to you, and thanks for all the LOLZ xx)

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One Response to CHRIS EVANS

  1. Nahid says:

    Now this is what I like to see online first thing in the morning.

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