Distinguishing Features: ENCOURAGING OF NEW TALENT
Attainability: HAPPILY MARRIED

There’s this old dude who lives near me, drives a Bentley, looks like a poor man’s Redford. I tolerate his extreme sleaziness because he thinks I look like a young Elizabeth Taylor and I enjoy the daily ego boost. Despite the apparent 45 year age gap, I’m kind of in awe of his arrogance and assumption that all women will fall at his feet. Which I guess is what happens to the real Robert Redford all the time (and has done all his life). However, the shit old Redford who loves round the corner from me isn’t an Oscar-winning, politically liberal, hugely philanthropic environmental campaigner/actor/director and Art Film Festival founder. He’s just some dickhead in a big car. Gutted.

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2 Responses to ROBERT REDFORD

  1. Silvia says:

    hahaha! you’re hilarious!

  2. Vivienne Berryman says:

    Sigh. That voice. That ruffled hair. Those incredible blue eyes. But! he should have started using Factor 50 Sunscreen way back when man….that craggy face is, well, craggy!

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