Body: HUNK
Personality: FOCUSED
Distinguishing Features: OLD SKOOL GOOD LOOKS

This is a bit of a special post today, and unusual in that the subject is an actual real-life friend of mine. And it’s his birthday! So this is my present to him . . . As you can probably tell, young Walker here is (obviously) a model. And in fact this photo of him was taken by yours truly. It’s rare to meet a guy of his tender years who is so driven, but this lad works so incredibly hard, and is so incredibly nice that it would be a fucking CRIME not to big him up. He’s got classic Hollywood movie-star looks combined with down-to-earth Yorkshire sensibilities, and will surely go far in life. And he’s still only twenty-sodding-two! My life is so goddam hard; having to be around all this beauty. I mean, some days I just don’t even want to leave the house.


( To book Tom as a model, click here!)

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One Response to TOM WALKER

  1. neevana says:

    Hmmmm Happy birthay Tom! Okay Emma he’s cute – but why no Douglas Booth, Max Irons or even Mr Robert Pattinson!

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