Face: 9021-OOH
Body: 90-TONED-10
Arms: 902-WANT-0
Personality: 9021-OHIO NICE GUY
Distinguishing Features: ALL AMERICAN VIBES

There are many reasons for watching American teen drama series like 90210. One, you can like totes practice your Valley lingo because OMG dude, the gnarly speech is like totally fresh and all your friends will think you’re like totally rad? Two, they are full of prime fitbits like this choice specimen. Three, the producers of teen drama series like this are aware that their prime viewing demographic are hormonally-abundant teenagers and twenty to forty-somethings who like to watch shows like this under the pretence of being “ironic”, when actually they are just eager with anticipation to see the aforementioned fitbits remove their shirts during soft-core sex and/or surfing competition scenes. Pretty, pretty boys with perfect skin and shiny white teeth. Pretty, perfect, shiny = TOTALLY AWESOME.

(Joseph Sinclair, photographer extraordinare, this is for you to enjoy with a little gin and tonic actually xx)

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3 Responses to MATT LANTER

  1. David Firman says:

    Very much enjoyed the Abagails Party-esque parentheses comment 🙂

  2. Kath says:

    You could’ve posted a pic of him with his top off..

  3. girlieq24 says:


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