Personality: ARTY FARTY
Distinguishing Features: VALIANT CHIN
Attainability: YES? PLEASE?

Hey Aaron. Remember when you had long hair and a scuzzy beard and played a manly-as-fuck biker in Erin Brockovich? Because I certainly do. It was a real departure from your breakout role (in In The Company Of Men as a slick, sociopathic abuser of women), and oh em gee me likey. You are so completely masculine, yet so completely approachable: a hunk who likes chopping wood to make into an extension on our log cabin, but then comes in to watch 30 Rock with me under a Slanket on the sofa. What do you mean you want the bit with the arms?! Oh OK, I suppose you did make me that macaroni cheese I asked for – you deserve it. What’s that? You want to let me wear your plaid shirt? Sure, anything for you Aaron. . . Why don’t you get into one of the suits you wore in Thank You For Smoking and I’ll make myself comfortable in the bedroom. . .

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4 Responses to AARON ECKHART

  1. Caryll says:

    WOULD, all day and all night, then maybe most of the next day.

  2. emmajay1980 says:

    He’s always a class act, even in incredibly shit rom-coms.

  3. Vivienne Berryman says:

    I watched him recently in ‘Conversations with other women’
    He’s a dude. And he wouldn’t put you in a headlock!!

  4. girlieq24 says:


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