Face: EARS
Personality: GORGEOUS
Distinguishing Features: KINDNESS
Attainability: WELL…

YO! BACK UP NOW AND GIVE A BROTHER ROOM . . . because my fuses are most certainly lit, and I’m more than willing to go ‘boom’. This happy chappy is actually one of the nicest celebrities in the world. I know this for a fact, because one of my friends has met and worked with Will on numerous occasions. He’s unbelievably generous and kind. Good that, isn’t it? Nice to hear and that. It’s pretty obvious that he’s married to a Hollywood Power Lesbian, but he’s absolutely gorgeous and brought us all years of unbridled comedic joy as The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, so we won’t dwell so much on the weird sham marriage. Cute kids as well. Anyway, there was a lad in my class at primary school who was also called Will Smith. He wore a Star Wars t.shirt pretty much every day and smelled of baked beans. That doesn’t really have anything to do with the famous Will Smith, I just wanted to share the trivia.

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