Personality: ZEN
Distinguishing Features: LONGEVITY
Attainability: WE’RE HOPEFUL?

As I’ve told you before, all the best models come from Essex. Paul Sculfor, David Gandy, Jodie Marsh . . . oh. Maybe just the male models then. Still, there is nothing like the sight of a fellow Essexian on a massive billboard looking incredibly handsome to truly make me feel nostalgic for my home county. Paul Sculfor is a real rarity – a bona fide male supermodel. Very few male models’ careers last longer than a few years, yet Sculfor is still very much in demand over 15 years down the line. He is beautiful in the most classic of ways, evoking a sense of the Hollywood golden era. When he appeared in the Michel Gondry directed ‘Mermaids’ ad for Levis in the 90s, it was pretty much all we talked about in school for about 8 solid months. He’s still got it, too. Fuck me, imagine him with silver hair…

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3 Responses to PAUL SCULFOR

  1. Vivienne says:

    Lovely looking chap.
    Didn’t Jennifer Anniston bed him for a while??

  2. zoe says:

    think he shud be mr grey 🙂

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