Face: A-TEAM
Personality: HARDWORKING
Distinguishing Features: INTENSE GAZE
Attainability: MARRIED INNIT

Chances are you might not know the name, but Mr Wilson here (not one of the other Wilson brothers, by the way) has been steadily racking up the roles for a number of years. You may have seen him as the baddy in the A-Team (WOULD-heavy but dire), alongside Kate Winslet in the excellent The Children, in last year’s Insidious, in a number of rom-coms… He tends to be the stand out performance in the rom-coms. He has great screen presence, with the sort of simultaneously boy-next-door and sexual deviant looks that are unnerving, yet tantilising. You may or may not also know, that Patrick here is a Broadway stalwart and has won Tonys and all sorts. He can fucking DANCE, man. He can dance really, really well. You know what that means, right? Right.

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One Response to PATRICK WILSON

  1. Vivienne Berryman says:

    *hurries onto YouTube to google him dancing*

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