Personality: LAIDBACK
Distinguishing Features: DIMPLES
Attainability: COUPLED UP

Yeah I know, he’s a pretty rubbish actor on the whole, but he seems like a dead nice bloke and he’s got that whole Texan drawwwwwwwl thing going with his accent. Plus, you know – THAT BODY. He’s a classically nonchalant surfer-type who is well aware that he got lucky when it comes to his career. Good on him, I say. And I do love a fun rom-com. Saying that, he’s utterly brilliant and convincing in Dazed and Confused, and perfectly cast too. Maybe his looks have gone against him, who knows? Anyway, what I do know is that he’s unpretentious, quick to take the piss out of himself, chilled out, has top dimples, and does a fucking good ‘running along the beach’ photo spread. Plus, you know – THAT BODY.

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  1. Vivienne Berryman says:

    reluctantly, i have to agree with you. but as Stan Allen and I have said before – this guy would deff put you in a headlock in front of his mates and make your hair fuzzy with his fist and think it hilarious. #cringetastic!

  2. Kay W says:

    Watch my fellow Texan in his most recent roles- true detectives and Dallas Buyer’s Club and you will probably re-post. They show his amazing acting range. So glad he left ghosts of girlfriend’s past in the past. He stepped up his game.

    • totallywould says:

      Hell yeah. As you can see, this was written over two years ago and mucho good roles have happened since then. But at least it proves I’m not a fairweather McConaughey lover, eh?

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