Body: HUNG
Personality: AFFABLE
Distinguishing Features: QUICK TO LAUGH
Attainability: MARRIED, Y’ALL

He might be a total bellsniff for all I know, but Ewan McGregor just always seems like such a nice cheery fella, doesn’t he? He laughs all the time, and his eyes crinkle up. Love that. Plus, he exudes charisma and warmth, and seems to have strong family values (always a bonus). He’s also shone in many films, bringing an exuberant force to his roles. But the best thing, and I have this on excellent authority, is that McGregor is most definitely on the Hollywood Horse list. In fact, you can check out his lengthy schlong in lots of films for yourself as he’s pretty fond of getting his kit off for the sake of ART.

(I dedicate this post to Liz Collinson, who’s a big fan of this earthy Scot . . . xx)

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3 Responses to EWAN MCGREGOR

  1. amygeorgina says:

    Ewan has been my crush since about, erm, 1997! And always will be…!

  2. Gorgeous on all accounts x

  3. girlieq24 says:

    Would, absolutely.

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