ANDRE 3000

Face: HEY YA
Personality: ANIMAL LOVER
Distinguishing Features: CREATIVE FORCE
Attainability: ERR, SORRY MS JACKSON

What a firecracker! You know that kind of intense energy that only really, seriously, incredibly creative people seem to possess? Well, Andre has that. In bounds. He’s like a labrador puppy that’s just been let loose in the child’s ball pit at IKEA. This type of creative drive has lead him, along with Big Boi, to write some truly ace albums as part of Outkast (check out some of their early stuff – it’s properly wit woo). He is also in possession of a fairly unique look: his sartorial decisions seem to have been based mainly on Alicia Silverstone’s wardrobe in Clueless, but his classically beautiful face cannot be ignored. Those huge almond eyes and lips as nubile as the writhing flanks of a go-go dancer are pretty hot daaaaaaamn.

(Lisa Stannard, this is for you chica! xx)

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