Distinguishing Features: BEAUTIFUL SKIN
Attainability: DEFO NOT GAY, OK?

I mean, yes, obviously, still WOULD. But the young Gere? The Gere from Days of Heaven, and American Gigolo, and An Officer & A Gentleman? Oh lordy. That wonderfully smooth olive skin, those gently undulating cheekbones? That nonchalant flick of tumbling chestnut hair? *gulps* There is something about a slow, measured smile and a twinkle in the eye that is tantamount to entrapment. I mean, just imagine if you were just going about your daily business as a Hollywood hooker, and this guy turns up all dapper in his cream Armani, and twinkles at you with his pearly whites glistening and the back of his neck so fucking kissable and smelling delicious? Like, what the hell?! You could never go back, could you. Fucking men. Seriously. You just can’t win.

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2 Responses to RICHARD GERE

  1. Vivienne says:

    Sigh. My candle still burns for Richard – my first heart throb. You are spot on with regards the twinkle in his eye & his smooth olive skin. And of course his mellow tones with a hint of simmering anger. Are his eyes too close together? Well, yes. But I’ll forgive him. He can dance. And he likes pets. Well, hamsters anyway! I’m not into his Buddhist stuff and I have no doubt he’s made some stinkers (Runaway Bride, First Knight, Final Analysis…), but my candle will never be snubbed out. Thanks for thinking of Rich!

  2. emmajay1980 says:

    I know – on paper he actually shouldn’t be attractive, he’s kind of piggy. But somehow, it just all works… I liked him in Unfaithful too, as the cuckolded husband. Phwoarrrr!

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