Personality: CHEEKY
Distinguishing Features: EYES TO DIE FOR
Attainability: DUNNO

I saw this guy in Manhattan once. I was stood behind him in a vegan burrito shop in East Village. He got a thing with loads of avocado in it. He made some jokes with the guy behind the counter. So far, so jovial. I followed him around for a bit just to be a bit stalky and to see what he does when he’s chillin’. He went in a cool gift boutique and bought a really nice necklace. Probably for his girlfriend . . . wevs. I’m telling you now, boy got HAIR. He was like a little sasquatch that had escaped from a lab. But through the lupine fur, his eyes twinkled out like two aquamarines, and he winked at me. Best day of my life (apart from when I got a £1400 Chloe dress in TK Maxx for £29.99).

(Lowri? Yes. He is for you innit xx)

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3 Responses to ADRIAN GRENIER

  1. Alex Fisher says:

    Oh sweet Jesus yes I would (can I wax him first though)?

  2. Vivienne Berryman says:

    An absolute sweetheart and definitely someone you could bring home to meet your mum…. as long as he doesn’t cop off with her as well!!

    Alex is right – he may need a waxing first, but still, whilst waiting for that to finish you could drown in his eyes, run your hands through his hair and take a little nap on those fine plump lips of his.

  3. Vivienne Berryman says:

    p.s. i loved watching him in Entourage.

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