Personality: DEPENDABLE
Distinguishing Features: NICE GUY
Attainability: RUBBO

A bit of an old skool entry this, but I feel it’s a deserving one. Look at him in his early bearded days, what a dreamboat! Fond of a Michael McDonald ‘do, Kurt has an earthy aura and a twinkly-eyed allure. Bestowed with dimples that any grandmother would be wet for, Mr Russell graced many a film role with his rugged charm. Obviously Overboard should be on your Lovefilm list, given that it’s one of the best comedies of the 80s. Sort it out, love. But it was as R. J. MacCready in the seminal 1982 horror thriller The Thing that he was at his most lusty. Clad in brilliant outdoor-wear and with a beard to outdo any wimpy Shoreditch hipster, he stormed about in the snow being dead manly and burning stuff and shit like that. He’s a good guy too, which makes him even sexier. Take note, you immature young douchebags.

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2 Responses to KURT RUSSELL

  1. Joe E says:

    great call! not sure if i’d use the term dreamboat or not but yeah, good call!

  2. ceelid says:

    best description of kurt russell i have ever read.

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