Arms: JOCK
Personality: EXUBERANT
Distinguishing features: ALL ROUND TALENT
Attainability: COULD BE WORSE

I’m sorry, but I would. He is legal, OK? And my, my, is he a pretty one. Reminiscent of a young Jared Leto (seminal WOULD crush), master Zac here has blossomed into an increasingly hunky young man. And, in actual fact, is surprisingly talented and charismatic. He was brilliant in that film about Orson Welles – seriously. I think he’s going to become quite the star. I like his eyebrows, they’re almost better than mine. In fact, I’d gladly trade. If you Google ‘zac efron beach body’ you might see something pret-ty fiiiiine. I mean, I wouldn’t know, as I definitely, DEFINITELY haven’t done that multiple times. In conclusion, stay tuned kids. This manchild is going places.

(This one’s dedicated to my sister Hannah, Merry Christmas Hally! xxx)

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2 Responses to ZAC EFRON

  1. Vivienne says:

    *sits back in chair and stares at Zac…. for ever!*

  2. Mrs Efron says:

    Go check out the trailer for The Lucky One……

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