Personality: THE GODFATHER
Distinguishing features: METHOD ACTOR EXTRAORDINAIRE
Attainability: PRETTY MUCH DEAD

Aaah, Brando. Your legacy lives on, so it does. Bizarrely, Brando did not have Italian roots. Despite his Roman sounding name and looks, Marlon was a lad from Nebraska and had Irish and French ancestors. Of course, playing the most famous Italian-American of all time (Don Corleone) probably confuses people. Anyway, what EVERYONE knows is that he had the face that launched a thousand wet dreams, and the body of a Bronx boxer. As well as this, he is widely regarded as one of the most influential actors of all time. Despite his bizarre personal behaviour and propensity for spawning millions of illegitimate children, Brando is one of the few performers who does actually earn the title ‘Hollywood legend’. Let’s focus on his beautiful heyday, as opposed to his obsession with wearing muumuus and his eventual demise on a dilapidated island.

(Kim? I hear ya sista. This one’s for you, doll xx)

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2 Responses to MARLON BRANDO

  1. Vivienne says:

    This pic reminds me of James Dean.
    A shame Marlon ended up wearing Demis Roussos’ cast-off dresses, but as you say – we’ll remember Marlon from his hey-day.

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