Personality: COMEDIC
Distinguishing features: MUSICAL TALENT
Attainability: UNKNOWN

Ah, little pixie Bret. You see? You see how he pretty much falls into the Adam Brody category? There are so many like this. I just LOVE THEM. Bret is beautiful, funny, wears good jumpers, and has luscious curly hair. And he has played an Elf in Lord of The Rings. This was actually because every New Zealander (literally all 300 of them) was contractually obliged to be in those films. But still, it’s a, you know, a thing. Anyway, Flight Of the Conchords definitely played a part in making absolute nerds look sexy, and although Jermaine is verging on the neanderthal, Bret here is like a perfect combination of dork and devastating. It is definitely Business Time. Definitely.

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8 Responses to BRET MCKENZIE

  1. Vivienne says:

    I think you meant to post Benjamin McKenzie, non? *laughs in the face of Brett*

  2. Vivienne says:

    Does Brett own a bottle of shampoo? He needs to get some pronto. Greasy locks ain’t no girls thang.

  3. emmajay1980 says:


  4. Fellow_Kiwi says:

    Married – with a kid I think…?

  5. amygeorgina says:

    Sorry, my vote is for Jermaine…..

  6. amygeorgina says:

    No way, my vote is for Jermaine….

  7. Nichola Carr says:

    I have seen Bret in real life and he is the most beautiful man I have ever been in the same room as. Astonishing.

  8. Jo says:

    Definately married with kids, see him round town a lot and my friend delivered his kids when they were born.

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