Body: TRIM
Personality: WISECRACKIN’
Distinguishing features: CHERUBIC LOCKS
Attainability: FAIR TO MIDDLING

I know what I want in my Chrismukkah stocking. Him. Preferably just wearing the stocking. Yeah I know, it’s perverted. But you see, this man inspired something in me during my twenties – he was so attractive to me that somehow every boyfriend I had from 2001-2007 looked almost exactly like this. He reminds me of a guy from Paris called Francois Arnaud (where are you now?) who was in my seminar group when I studied film. He was so utterly beautiful, in his old APC sweater with a hole in it, that I could barely tear my eyes away from him. So to see this vision on my telly in The OC, and what with him being a nerdy Jew AS WELL . . . well, I couldn’t resist. He is still pretty much what my ultimate, ultimate man would look like and I fancy anyone that resembles him.

(Vivienne – shall I call you Viv? – this is for you, as you share the lurrrrve xx)

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2 Responses to ADAM BRODY

  1. liza says:

    uhhhh do you mean THIS Francois Arnaud? Am I missing an inside joke?

    also, adore this blahg.

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