Personality: MUSIC NERD
Distinguishing features: RETRO SEX APPEAL
Attainability: DUNNO

We sort of have David Lynch to thank for bringing this bit of hot stuff to the world’s attention. Two of Isaak’s tracks featured on the soundtrack to Blue Velvet, and another on the soundtrack for Wild at Heart. These were played endlessly by radio DJs who sent him stratospheric. I guess David Lynch likes anyone with similar hair to him . . .  Chris here has a timeless appeal. The 1991 video for Wicked Game is still in my top ten ultimate sexy things. Classically styled hunk rolling around in the surf under a moody atmospheric sky with an illegally hot Helena Christensen, and shot by Herb Ritts? Fuck. Perfect. You might also remember Chris Isaak’s cameo in Friends as Phoebe’s boyfriend where he sang Smelly Cat with her. Yep, that too . . . *sigh*

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One Response to CHRIS ISAAK

  1. Vivienne Berryman says:

    I see where you are coming from with Isaak, but he still has that slightly-opened-mouth dork look about him. Still, he could sing me to sleep any night.

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