Personality: THRILL SEEKER
Distinguishing features: TIMELESS STYLE
Attainability: DEAD

When asked who else they would want to look like if they could choose, nearly every straight guy I know would say Steve McQueen. There’s no denying – the guy was one cool motherfucker. Starring in some of the most effortlessly stylish films of the last 50 years, McQueen also scores big WOULD points for marrying one of my all-time biggest girl crushes, Ali MacGraw. If you really, reeeeeeeeally dissect his look, he kind of does look like a fit version of Sid James (he has the same walnut head) but with those icy blue eyes and lithe frame he manages to remain coolly sexy to the hilt. His wardrobe both off-duty and cinematically captured continues to inspire millions of guys worldwide, and despite his departure from this earthly plane he is still a proper icon.

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One Response to STEVE MCQUEEN

  1. Vivienne Berryman says:

    Im amazed you have not ‘WOULD’ him before actually. Gorgeous. And i bet he would have aged well too.
    Yup – Ali MacGraw is one of my girl crushes too.

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