Personality: POLITICAL
Distinguishing features: OH-WHAT-WOW! HE’S THE GREATEST DANCER
Attainability: SIX FEET UNDER

You know when you were a kid and you were staying at your Grandma’s and she’d watch loads of old movies like Seven Brides For Seven Brothers, and tell you looooong anecdotes about what she was doing when the film came out? I used to love that. Particularly if the film happened to be Singin’ In The Rain or On The Town as it meant I got to sit for hours, mesmerised by Gene Kelly. Probably the most athletically masculine dancer in a musical film ever seen, Gene here also happened to look pleasingly like a Sicilian mechanic in a Dolce & Gabbana ad campaign. Check out the nonchalant way he rocks that grey-marl in the photo above . . .

(To the equally elegant and suave Nickety – this post is dedicated to you, dude xx)

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One Response to GENE KELLY

  1. It’s always scary to me, seeing a picture of someone so young, which could have been taken last week… and knowing that, in actuality, this is someone who has gotten old and died since.

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