Personality: CAPITALIST
Distinguishing features: ABILITY TO LOOK GOOD AS GEORGE W BUSH
Attainability: MARRIED TO A HOTTIE

When I was a kid I really wanted an older brother, one that would play horrid tricks on me but would also stick up for me and be all cuddly and that. When I first saw ‘The Goonies’ I unearthed an evil dichotomy: for here was potentially my ideal older brother in the form of Brand (played by Brolin), and yet . . . I fancied him. Oh, cruel, cruel world! Anyway, forget the brother thing, he’s waaaaaaaaaaaaay fucking better as a crush. The headband and cut-off grey marl sweatshirt days are long gone, and Joshy (he probably won’t mind me calling him that – it is me after all) is now a fine actor, beloved of the Coen Bros. Seriously, he even made me start questioning myself after he played Dubya in Stone’s ‘W’.*



*As an aside, does anyone else from real life think he looks a bit like Michael Cook? It’s freaking me out somewhat. So thus, Anna Duffy, this is dedicated to you.

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One Response to JOSH BROLIN

  1. Vivienne says:

    Strength. Pure, pure strength.

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