Personality: G.S.O.H
Distinguishing features: POLITICAL LEANINGS
Attainability: IT’S COMPLICATED

I’ve used an old photo of Alec to show that he used to be a total fox before he started bloating (the scourge of the ex-alcohol dependent). Always the best of the Baldwin brothers, Alec is streets ahead of batshit nut-job, god-botherer, chimpanzee-resembling Stephen; Billy, the one who’s a lame version of Alec; and Daniel, who no-one cares about at all. Now very famous once again after a few wilderness years, Alec has carved a niche for himself as a truly excellent comic actor, and his popularity is helping to fuel the idea that he would run for Mayor of NYC in 2013. Aside from his above parr comic timing and political aspirations, Baldwin is a committed animal rights activist, a published author, a multi-Golden Globe and Emmy winner, and a definite candidate for hairiest chest in Hollywood.

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  1. sonjafroyen says:

    Now you’re talkin’.

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