Face: EGG
Personality: HARD NUT
Distinguishing features: THAT SMIRK
Attainability: MARRIED

This dude looks like he could protect you. He looks like you’d be taken care of in, err, more ways than one. My sister Hannah agrees, big stylee. Imagine if he wasn’t famous and you saw him in your local supermarket, and he was behind you in the queue, and you knew he was staring at the back of your head with that unflinching gaze. Then you turned around and he was smirking at you and he still didn’t drop the eye contact, so you turned back to the self-service checkout, your trembling hands trying to scan in the zesty lemon Activia yoghurts, all the while knowing that he was still looking at you. As you walk away he silently hands you his card and then says, ‘I’d like to take you out for dinner. Call me.’ I mean, that’d be . . . I mean . . . JESUS WEPT.

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One Response to BRUCE WILLIS

  1. Kristin says:

    Oh, yeah. Totally would. Funny post. 🙂

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