Personality: ARTISTIQUE
Distinguishing features: HANDY WITH A BALL-IQUE
Attainability: MARRIED-IQUE

Eric Cantona? Mon dieu! His talent; his intensity; his mercurial velocity. Pher-wooooar. Rampaging across a football pitch was one thing, but being one of the only three footballers in the world to possess some actual brain cells and charisma meant that Eric was able to segue quite nicely into a more cerebral life once he retired from booting that ball about. Although he DID do it with such grace. What makes him sexy is that old cliche: the ‘je nais se quoi’. He has the X Factor alright – that elusive quality that renders women helpless, and makes straight men covet him.

(Becks and Kirsten – this is for you, mais oui!)

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2 Responses to ERIC CANTONA

  1. Vivienne says:

    What??? Are You MAD? No! Not Cantona. No!

  2. Jane Vesty says:

    I would follow him like the seagull. I would.

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