Personality: GENTLE
Distinguishing features: LOADSAMONEY
Attainability: ACE

If you don’t watch The Only Way Is Essex then you’re a div. It’s TV gold. Yeah, yeah, I know I’m from Essex, but SRSLY: it’s bare drama and jokes and ting. Mick here, father of Kirk (cheeky but naughty chappy) presides over events with a kindly air, putting spirited Kirk in his place and generally being all lovely. He’s big and burly and smiles ALL the time and is patient and charming; hence, the dolly birds adore him. Papa Bear is also totally loaded, not that it matters to me but some of you readers might be right shallow dicks. He’s also single and looking for lurrrve! I hope he finds someone as lovely as him.

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One Response to MICK NORCROSS

  1. Sian says:

    Mick is one HOT silver fox. In addition to his wise words & sage advice (check yourself, don’t wreck yourself) you just know Mick would treat you like a princess. Move over Clooney, there’s a new salt n’ pepper hunk in town.

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