robert_downey_jr_portraitFace: FALLEN ANGEL
Personality: PRICKLY
Distinguishing features: DOE-EYES
Attainability: HAPPILY MARRIED

Anyone else ever watch that Elton John video now and then just to see RDJr lip-sync ‘I Want Love’ and imagine he’s saying it to you? Errr, anyone…? OK then! Let’s continue… *cough*. This particular obsession started circa Weird Science, had a little wobble circa massive-drug-addiction/prison time, then reignited swiftly circa career reinvention. Not that we’re fairweather RDJr lovers or anything. Scandal aside, Robert here is a reliable crush – he is getting better with age and, in fact, would look tremendous with silver hair, non? He has big, beautiful brown eyes and a knowing smile, and I bet he’s fucking goddam FILTHY.

(My friend Sam J Moran agrees, and that’s why this post is dedicated to her xx)

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2 Responses to ROBERT DOWNEY JR

  1. Agreed … he’s definitely a dirrrty boy …

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