Personality: CAPTIVATING
Distinguishing features: SNL VETERAN
Attainability: MARRIED, FUCK

Oh Hammy, how handsome you are. How tall, and elegant, and masculine. Add into the mix a wonderfully silly sense of humour and brilliant comic timing, and we have ourselves a bona fide sex god. So much more than his career-defining and fame-making role, as Donald Draper in the amazingly wonderous Mad Men, Jon Hamm is a fine, fine actor. As well as this, he looks truly spectacular in a tailor made suit. Hell, he’d probably look good dressed in the spoils of a trolley-dash round George at Asda (although let’s pray we never have to witness this, for Jon’s sake more than our own).

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2 Responses to JON HAMM

  1. Anne says:

    Psst…it’s JON Hamm and Mad Men is on AMC. Either way he sure is lovely ain’t he? Love your blog!

  2. emmajay1980 says:

    Duly amended… 😉
    Enjoy the rest of the blog! x

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