Personality: RELAXED COOL
Distinguishing features: CHAMELEON-ESQUE
Attainability: LOCAL, AT LEAST

Ahh. You knows it. Paddy is beloved by everyone: male and female, straight or gay. You know why? He’s ace. Absolutely ACE. He’s got a rumpled puppy face with softly creased eyes, and a bit of stubble, and gently greying temples. Plus, he’s properly funny and non-up his own arse, and makes incredible films, and is always the best thing about those films. And yet, he’s still not mega-famous. We’ve retained him in Britain. He’s OURS. He still lives in Burton-on-Trent with his wife and kids, and doesn’t give a flying fuck about being famous. That’s why we love him. Well, that and his lanky ace-ness.

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2 Responses to PADDY CONSIDINE

  1. Caryll Gray says:

    Paddy is so fine, bring on tomorrow! x

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