Personality: WIGGA
Distinguishing features: OHHH YEAAAH
Attainability: LOCAL

Oh my GOD. Just… OH. MY. GOD. I know this blog is all about the dudes, but fucking hell. Tom Hardy is like a God among men. I do realise that at times he has the tendency to look like a coke-bloated dole claimant, but this is generally when he’s “preparing” for a role, OK? The rest of the time he looks hotdamnhubbahubbaAWOOOOGA. Try not to watch him being interviewed because he tries to talk like a member of the Crips instead of a middle-class white kid from East Sheen, which is pretty off-putting. Just observe, and witness the fitness.

(This post is dedicated to my ickle sister Hannah, who occasionally displays excellent taste…)

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