Personality: GENIAL
Distinguishing features: SWOON-INDUCING ABILITY
Attainability: NO IDEA

Aww, we love John Cusack, don’t we. Those gently probing eyes, the affable face. I bet he gives good winks. He’s such a charismatic lanky dweeb. Yet, he’s not that dweeby; not really. So why does he feel that way? Why does he feel so accessible? He’s, like, totes in our league. He really is the quintessential boy-next-door-grown-into-a-man, and this has always been his charm. He’s so…inclusive. Probably gay, you know, like so many of our long-term obsessions, but gayness has never been a barrier for lustful longings. I mean, think of Tom Ford (coming soon).

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One Response to JOHN CUSACK

  1. Rachel says:

    You should follow his other half on Twitter, they seem to give out more info than he does occasionally although they seem pretty careful about it. The baseball & hockey games give it away usually! Long term relationship if the LA media is to be believed. Partner’s background is interesting, comes from one of those old Hollywood families, bit like John Cusack I suppose!

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