Personality: GENIUS
Distinguishing features: HETEROCHROMIA IRIDUM
Attainability: MINUS (MARRIED TO IMAN)

Talent is sexy. Being a visionary is sexy. Being the most talented visionary EVER in the music industry is triple platinum sexy. Bowie is the best of the best. He’s seen everything and done everything, and is still totally cool and slim as a reed. He also has the added bonus of maintaining a relatively youthful complexion, as opposed to Jagger’s cadaverous visage. No-one looked better in a white suit, and no-one rocked a Toyah Wilcox bouffant mullet and Gary Glitter eyebrows better than our Dave as the goblin king in Labyrinth. Yep, even then…still would.

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2 Responses to DAVID BOWIE

  1. The Goblin King is when he was most sexy to me, beginning when I was about 10, as my first crush. His trousers were pretty SNUG. *swoon*

  2. Elwa says:

    Having a reminisce about Bowie (RIP) so thought I’d check if you’ve done him, so to speak.
    Of course you have, and you’ve used my favourite ever photo of him. Good work!

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