Body: WIRY
Personality: INTENSE
Distinguishing features: DANCE ABILITY
Attainability: RUBBISH

Rockwell is sexy for people who don’t do sexy. He’s kind of small, kind of goofy, and looks like a monkey. But his eyes speak of unhinged lustful encounters in illicit Airstream trailers on independent film sets. Coolness can never be contrived, and Sammy is most definitely chill. I’ve seen him in the flesh in an LA restaurant and to some, his sandy haired insouciance may well have gone unnoticed . . . but my eyes sought him out like a heat seeking missile and ravished the poor man. He liked it, I could tell.

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5 Responses to SAM ROCKWELL

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  2. M says:

    he’s so fucking sexy with short hair

  3. Another underrated sex god .. THAT scene in Charlie’s Angels when he goes from being the geek that Drew banged to the evil mother that Kelly Lynch was banging ..I bought that DVD just to watch him do that stretch out and start to shimmy as the snakeskin was shed and all that .. yummy evil came out .. gawd ..I’m babbling .. and panting ..

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